Hammock service with OIDO

Case study Aug 21, 2022

ANCLA Beach Bar & Restaurant

Imagine not to have to run through the burning sand on the beach to get your drink and food from the beach bar?

The beach restaurant Ancla in Castelldefels uses OIDO Horeca Order&Pay to serve their hammocks.

OIDO offers the perfect solution: guests order and pay with their smartphone without leaving their hammock. The service staff receives the order automatically on the devices in the bar and kitchen and brings the order directly to them.

1 x iPad at the bar with WIFI internet connection
1 x iPad in the kitchen with WIFI Internet connection
20 x "tabletalkers" with the respective QR code and instructions.

Software Setup:
Restaurant Setup (approx 10 min.)
Stripe Account Setup (approx 15 min.)
Insert dishes and drinks into the restaurant menu (approx 45 min.)
Create table QR codes (approx 10 min.)
Print QR codes depending on material (10 min. - 1 day)
Attach and wire iPads (approx 20 min.)
Test the installation (10 min.)
Brief the staff how to work with OIDO! (15 min.)
Ready to receive orders!

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Günter Beer

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