Cafe bar with OIDO

Case study Jan 02, 2023

Cafe de Finca

Cafe De Finca is a small café with a large terrace located in the heart of Castelldefels, Spain. Since opening its doors in 2009, Cafe De Finca has become a popular spot for locals, visitors, and business professionals alike.

Because of the wish to keep up with the latest trends and technologies, Cafe De Finca recently decided to test the OIDO order and pay system.

The testing process began with the installation of two iPads with the OIDO system, the placing of the so called table-talkers with the QR codes and a short introduction to the employees on how to use the system.
Once the setup was finished, Cafe De Finca began to offer OIDO as an option to their customers next to the ordering and waiting at the counter.

During this phase, customers are able to order from the convenience of the tables inside and outside, using the OIDO system and pay for them using their own credit card, Apple or Google Pay. They can follow the progress of their order on the phone screen and are notified when its ready for pick up at the counter.

The kitchen and bar receive the order on the screen and can fulfill it right away, notifying the customer when its ready. A smooth process where the costumer doesn’t have to stand in line waiting to be attended, pay and wait for their order.

Throughout the testing process, Cafe De Finca has seen the adoption grow in a few weeks and has been closely monitoring customer feedback.

The results of the test has been great so far. The customers feedback has been positive, the system is easy to use, and customers are saving time when ordering and paying for their meals. This is a great example of how digitalization can improve the customer experience while also providing businesses with a more efficient system.


Günter Beer

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