Create a webhook

Help Docs Dec 19, 2020

Step 2  Connect Stripe with OIDO

Webhooks are necessary to connect your Stripe account to OIDO because they provide real-time notifications of events that happen within your Stripe account.

To automate payment processes the webhook sends information about the state of the payment to OIDO.  Additionally, the webhook provides an extra layer of security by authenticating the source of the data. This helps to ensure that all data sent between OIDO and Stripe is secure and reliable.

Create a webhook in 10 steps:

Step 1: Login into your Stripe dashboard
Step 2: Click the Developers button in the upper right corner.
Step 3: Click the  Webhooks tab on the left in the developers submenu.
Step 4: click the Add an Endpoint button at the bottom center.
Step 5: copy into Endpoint URL field :
Step 6:  Click +Select events on the left bottom corner.
Step 7: Select Checkout on the left menu.
Step 8: Select checkout.session.completed on the left menu.
Step 9: Click Add Event button at the left bottom corner.
Step  10: Safe your settings with a click on Add Endpoint button.
Final check: Check, if the checkout.session.completed appears enabled.

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