Digitalise your Restaurant SIMPLE

OIDO for Restaurants Feb 17, 2021

The restaurant sector, at the moment, is experiencing a revolution in the way of managing and incorporating new digital tools. It is a must to adapt to change. More restaurants adopt a fast-casual service model or move more towards technology to alleviate the labor costs.

Quick Service Restaurants (QSR) are a thriving industry as consumers will continue to seek the quickest way to get a good meal and pay for their goods and services in an efficient manner.

Consumer adoption is imperative. The good news is that people are increasingly adopting digital in every facet of their lives.

"The new generation of consumers has an insatiable need for convenience that only technology can cure and if your restaurant is not capitalizing on these opportunities, you’re at a risk of losing potential revenue and customers you can earn.”

OIDO offers a SIMPLE solution to digitalize your order & pay processes without having to enter into complicated system integration, multi feature choices and initial high (hardware and implementation) costs and learning. You can start right away, leave your current order-taking, entry and pay system in place and let your guests choose their preferred interaction. You will see the adaption grow in matter of weeks!



We strive to offer intuitive and user-friendly solutions that are accessible to all, making it easy for businesses to adopt digital tools and enhance their most trivial operations.