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OIDO for Restaurants Dec 11, 2022

The OIDO - HORECA ORDER & PAY system is an online platform that allows customers to order directly from their mobile device. Through a few simple steps, customers can quickly and easily browse items, add them to their cart, and complete their purchase with a secure payment method. The system also allows customers to check their order status in real time.

The advantages of OIDO - Horeca order & pay system are numerous. For your customers, the system provides a fast, convenient and secure way to complete their order. In addition, your customers save time as they no longer have to stand in line, completing their order or getting the waiter's attention for the bill.

OIDO - Horeca order & pay system can help businesses increase their service quality since the complete order and payment process is happening on the mobil device of your customer.  This gives your staff the more time to provide a friendly and personal service experience. Increased customer satisfaction will ultimately lead to increased sales.

For businesses, OIDO offers several advantages. It can step in immediately if a waiter fails or is late.  Just place the qr-codes on the tables in the area while your staff can't attend to it. OIDO is immediately ready to provide your customers the menu, take the orders and process the payment.

All in all, OIDO is a powerful solution for businesses that want to enhance their service quality and reduce their personal costs. By providing your customers with a fast, secure, and convenient solution.


Günter Beer

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