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Help Docs Dec 20, 2020

OIDO uses STRIPE payment software to receive guest payments via the webAPP. Please note, this account will be in your name and you will only have access to the payments you receive. If you do not have an account yet, please go here to activate: Stripe Registration.

The costs of the use of Stripe payment you find here.

You must provide all the company details to make sure it works, even in testmode. You are good to go if the home page confirms "YOUR ACCOUNT IS NOW ACTIVE".

We recommend to start in TEST MODE (upper right corner in home of Stripe) .

As explained in the Stripe docs we would like to stress it is important for its functioning to activate the so-called webhook. A webhook between Stripe and your app tells your app whether the customer's payment is successful or not. Go to Developers - Webhooks - add an endpoint - introduce: - go to "+ select an event" -select "checkout" - in dropdown choose "checkout session completed" - add endpoint.

A detailed explanation of how to make the webhook you find in the next HELP DOC.

Only after activating the webhook, go to API keys and copy the Publishable key in General Settings under MY STRIPE DETAILS. Then choose "+create secret key" and give it a name and choose CREATE. Copy the key as well to MY STRIPE DETAILS in General Settings of OIDO dashboard. Click SAVE on the top right of the screen.

If you have any problems activating your STRIPE account and/or connecting to your webAPP, use the Stripe DOCS.

Once you are confident it all works pass on to the live version. Switch the TEST mode to LIVE mode in the upper right corner of your Stripe homepage and change the keys in your OIDO Stripe Details to its live versions!

Create a webhook to connect your Stripe account to OIDO.
To automate payment processes the webhook sends information about the state of the payment to OIDO. Additionally, the webhook provides an extra layer of security by authenticating the source of the data. This helps to ensure that all data sent between OIDO and Stripe is secure and reliable.


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