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OIDO for Hotels Jan 30, 2023

The hotel industry has seen a shift in recent years towards the importance of Food & Beverage (F&B) offerings in driving hotel revenues.

F&B has become an increasingly crucial aspect of the guest experience and many hotels are receiving a significant portion of their revenue from F&B. Some hotels have even reported that F&B can account for up to 50% of their total revenue, making it an essential component of their business.

One of the reasons for this shift is the emergence of new and innovative F&B concepts. Hotels are now offering a wide range of F&B options, including room service, casual dining, social and informal areas such as pool bars, grab-and-go kiosks in the lobby, and rooftop and hybrid work-bar-lounge areas. These unique and convenient F&B options have become a key differentiator for hotels and are a major factor in attracting guests.

However, managing F&B service in all these different areas can be challenging. Without a close connection to the kitchen or bar and with limited staff to provide full-time service everywhere on the premises, hotels can struggle to keep up with the demand for F&B service.

This is where OIDO Horeca Order & Pay comes in. This platform allows guests to consult menus, place orders and make payments using QR codes. The orders are sent to screens in the kitchen or bar, indicating the location of the order, which can help to speed up service and improve the customer experience.

The use of OIDO Horeca Order & Pay also allows for greater flexibility and management of orders. Orders can be received on multiple devices, including the reception, bar, kitchen and mobile devices, allowing staff to keep track of order fulfilment no matter where they are on the premises. This can be particularly useful for F&B managers who are constantly on the move. The system also allows guests to receive notifications on their mobile devices when their order is received, in preparation, or ready to be served or picked up.

Overall, the implementation of OIDO Horeca Order & Pay can help hotels to efficiently manage F&B service in these new and innovative areas, improve the customer experience and open up new sources of revenue. This can ultimately contribute to the competitive differentiation of the hotel and drive increased revenue.

Please check out the user experience and simplicity of OIDO by yourself. To do so, scan either the table - or the take away qr code with your smartphone. You can simulate payment with our test credit card.


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