Payments to your Stripe account

Help Docs Dec 14, 2020

OIDO uses STRIPE payment software to receive guest payments via the web app. After you set up the account and linked it to your OIDO account, you can make some tests to see the payments come into the account using the test mode:

Make sure the account is set in TEST MODE, see top right of the screen.

You can click on every order and see the details, if you look for a certain order, the quickest way to relate the order with the one in the OIDO app is through its ID:

If everything works to your liking you are good to go. Turn to LIVE MODE and change the keys to its live version in the settings.

Table talkers
The QR codes that are generated by OIDO have to be turned into so called “Tabletalkers”. OIDO offers to download a pdf with a standard design with your logo. Print the pdf to the size you prefer (we recommend A6) and on the material andcolours of your choice. If choosen paper we recommend to…


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