Help Docs Dec 21, 2020

My Restaurant

After registration you personalise the app in SETTINGS (see screenshot).

Begin with editing  your personal data in MY RESTAURANT. These dates we require for communication purposes. Don't forget to hit the SAVE button to save your settings:


Important is to upload the logo you want to come up in the webAPP for your clients.

We recommend that the logo is not more than 80 kb to have it come up quickly in the webAPP and does not slow down the use of it. Here an example of a screen from the app to see the situation of the logo, this header will come up in most of the user screens.

General Settings

EDIT the general settings by filling in the VATid and VATrate.

Languages & Internationalization

Choose first a default language for the webAPP, the language you want the clients to get the navigation of your menu, sort and payment module in.

Furthermore choose the languages you want the menu to be available in. If, for example, the client has his phone language in German, automatically the menu will come up in German (if you made the German languages available (slide the red button to activate), filled in the German categories, dish names and descriptions). If there is a translation missing it will fall back to the default language.

Don't forget to SAVE your settings with the SAVE button in the upper right corner of the screen.

My stripe details
OIDO uses STRIPE payment software to receive guest payments via the web app.Please note, this account will be in your name and you will only have access tothe payments you receive. If you do not have an account yet, please go here toactivate: Stripe Registration […


Manon Straver

“You had me at “hello”. “ Manon choose to step on board with the project as soon as presented to her. Dutch, living in Spain and a lifetime intertwined with the hospitality sector.