Table QR

Help Docs Dec 17, 2020

Before creating the QR codes draw a table plan first. In the left navigation you find the option TABLE QR where you can manage the assignment of QR codes to the tables.

Choose the button +ADD TABLE QR CODE in the upper right corner. The tables you create will be turned into QR codes for each table. Please note the table-name may not be larger than 3 characters. This is because these codes will be used in the kitchen screen where short codes will improve the quick identification. Don't forget to hit the SAVE button

When you divide the QR code cards over the tables it is of great importance to follow the same distribution always.  A description can be added in the creation of a table code which help to identify the correct distribution of the cards on the tables in the restaurant in case of doubt.

When all table QR codes are created you can download the pre-designed signs using the button PDF DOWNLOAD. However, if you prefer an own design you can copy the QR codes in it. Work carefully having the right QR code with the right table number.

The so called "tabletalkers" have to include minimal the table number and QR code.

Orders can be monitored in the bar and kitchen (or more stations) simultaneouslywith the KITCHEN ORDERS screen on the left navigation. It runs on any devicewith a browser by logging into the account. The amount of new orders are announced with a red circle on the side. In themiddle navigation …


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