Table talkers

Help Docs Dec 12, 2020

The QR codes that are generated by OIDO have to be turned into so called "Table talkers".

OIDO offers to download a pdf with a standard design with your logo.

Print the pdf to the size you prefer (we recommend A6) and on the material and colours of your choice.

If choosen paper we recommend to plastify the cards for a longer use. Find the holders of your liking.

If you prefer to make a design of your own, you can have as a starting point these templates in Canva (for now offered in Spanish and English).  

Template Canva Español Template Canva English

Canva is a free design webAPP.

Soon we will announce a cooperation with a provider that will allow you to have your designs laserprinted and send to you.

How we handle tip
OIDO adds tip during the checkout of your clients. They get the option to changeit from 10% to 0, 5, 15 or 20%. Tipping has declined considerably with the increased use of credit cards aspayment method. OIDO can help to facilitate its revival. Client receiptsAfter payment the client will be off…


Manon Straver

“You had me at “hello”. “ Manon choose to step on board with the project as soon as presented to her. Dutch, living in Spain and a lifetime intertwined with the hospitality sector.