Take-Away with OIDO

Case study Mar 01, 2023

Die Einmacherei

"Die Einmacherei" is an exquisite manufactory for preserves from the jar. It offers masterfully cooked soups, stews, sauces, jams and desserts that are naturally freshly cooked without preservatives or colorants and gently preserved in jars in portions.

Monika Schuster - die-einmacherei.de

The take-away/delivery feature of the OIDO Order & Pay system allowed "die Einmacherei" to quickly set up an online store where customers can view and purchase canned goods. Once a customer places an order online and pays, Die Einmacherei processes the items and delivers them to the customer's address or holds them for pickup at a specified time.

With OIDO's secure ordering and payment system, Die Einmacherei has gone digital. Previously, the process consisted of receiving the order email, writing the invoice, sending the invoice, verifying the bank account, and only then processing and delivering the order. The first four time-consuming steps are now handled entirely by OIDO. The order arrives at the kitchen after it has been paid for.

OIDO makes it possible, where fresh ingredients are used, to be flexible when certain ingredients are unavailable. In such cases, businesses can quickly update their menu descriptions or even temporarily remove the item from the menu. Additionally, this flexibility allows to quickly adjust prices if ingredient costs rise unexpectedly. Overall, this adaptability is a valuable feature for any business that values quality and freshness in their cuisine.

The Take-Away feature in OIDO allowed Die Einmacherei to quickly set up and maintain an online store and process payments securely.


Günter Beer

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