The ideal waiter?

Why OIDO Feb 25, 2023

As the new season approaches, hospitality businesses are preparing to begin the hiring process. With so many businesses hiring new staff at the same time, it can be a painful and time-consuming process for managers and owners. With OIDO as an always-on replacement, the process is much easier and less stressful to make.

As a skilled waiter, OIDO has a range of abilities that make it the ideal addition to any hospitality team. From taking orders to explaining menu items, OIDO can handle all aspects of the customer service experience. Additionally, OIDO is great at transmitting customer feedback to the kitchen and handling payments with accuracy and efficiency. Most importantly, it has the ability to remain calm under pressure and ensure that customer satisfaction remains intact, even in the most challenging situations.

By bringing OIDO on board, hospitality establishments can free up their existing staff to focus on other tasks such as hosting, handling special requests, and adding that extra "salsa" to the customer experience. This means that the overall quality of service will improve, and customers will be more likely to return in the future.

Moreover, having OIDO as a backup can help businesses deal with unexpected issues that can affect the performance of their existing staff. From lateness to illness, resignation, vacations, bad moods, sadness, tiredness, distractions, and conflicts, there are many reasons why staff may be unable to work at their best. In these cases, OIDO can step in and ensure that customers receive the same high-quality service they expect, without any disruption.

What makes OIDO even more impressive is its ability to serve an unlimited number of customers simultaneously, without making any errors or omissions. It can work across multiple areas of the restaurant, from the interior to the expanded terrace, and it always keeps a cool head under pressure. OIDO is a reliable, constantly available, and highly motivated addition to any hospitality team.

In conclusion, as the new season starts and hospitality establishments start looking for new staff, OIDO is the ideal candidate to relieve the painful process of hiring new staff. With its wide range of skills and ability to remain calm under pressure, OIDO is the perfect addition to any team, helping to improve the overall quality of service and ensure customer satisfaction remains high. So, don't hesitate to consider OIDO for your next recruitment drive, and contact us for any clarification needed.


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Manon Straver

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