Don’t lose customers to long lines!

OIDO for Restaurants Mar 21, 2023

Thanks to OIDO Horeca Order & Pay, Cafe De Finca has transformed waiting times in line into quality time for their clients.

By allowing customers to order and pay for their food or drinks from their own device, businesses can reduce wait times and increase table turnover, ultimately leading to higher revenues. Additionally, customers will appreciate the convenience and the ability to spend more quality time with their friends and family instead of waiting in line.

The OIDO platform streamlines operations and improves the customer experience, resulting in higher revenues and more satisfied clients. Don’t lose customers because of long lines – join us today and enjoy the benefits of faster service and increased table turnover!

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Many thanks to Ana Viruna, Sander Van der Ende and Cafe de Finca for their collaboration.


Manon Straver

“You had me at “hello”. “ Manon choose to step on board with the project as soon as presented to her. Dutch, living in Spain and a lifetime intertwined with the hospitality sector.