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Help Docs Dec 28, 2020

OIDO - HORECA ORDER & PAY welcomes you to a new era of restaurant service. We provide a simple way to digitalise your menu, order and pay processes, taking advantage of the already widespread acceptance of QR codes and mobile ordering and payment.

We improve the speed and quality of your service. Bottom line is faster service, more orders, improved customer satisfaction and reduced staff costs.

We’ll be here to help you with any step along the way. You can find answers to most questions in underneath docs.

In case you cannot find what you are looking for, please do contact us so we can help you and update the documentation. Thanks, and enjoy OIDO - HORECA Order & Pay!


Get your OIDO account
To use OIDO, you register for an account[https://www.oido.me/registration?redirect=/dashboard]. We offer you a free 2 months trial, to make you feel confident about the winsOIDO brings to your business . There are no restrictions on your usage duringthe free trial. You can test OIDO using only a…
OIDO Help files: Login / Logout
Help Docs Oido: Set up your restaurant
My stripe details
OIDO uses STRIPE payment software to receive guest payments via the web app.Please note, this account will be in your name and you will only have access tothe payments you receive. If you do not have an account yet, please go here toactivate: Stripe Registration [https://dashboard.stripe.com/register…
Create a webhook to connect your Stripe account to OIDO.
To automate payment processes the webhook sends information about the state of the payment to OIDO. Additionally, the webhook provides an extra layer of security by authenticating the source of the data. This helps to ensure that all data sent between OIDO and Stripe is secure and reliable.
Restaurant menu
Categories, tags and coursesYour menu has to be introduced (if applicable in different languages) sorted incertain courses, tags and categories. These first have to be defined here: 1.Choose in the left navigation for Restaurant menu and then Categories, Tags andCourses. 2.Choose first your…
Table QR
1.In the left navigation you find the option TABLE QR where you can manage theassignment of QR codes to the tables. 2. Choose the button +ADD TABLE QR CODE in the upper right corner. The tables youcreate will be turned into QR codes for each table you want to use it for.Please note the table-n…
Orders can be monitored in the bar and kitchen (or more stations) simultaneouslywith the KITCHEN ORDERS screen on the left navigation. It runs on any devicewith a browser by logging into the account. The amount of new orders are announced with a red circle on the side. In themiddle navigation …
Payments to your Stripe account
OIDO uses STRIPE payment software to receive guest payments via the web app.After you set up the account and linked it to your OIDO account, you can makesome tests to see the payments come into the account using the test mode: Make sure the account is set in TEST MODE, see top right of the screen…
Table talkers
The QR codes that are generated by OIDO have to be turned into so called “Tabletalkers”. OIDO offers to download a pdf with a standard design with your logo. Print the pdf to the size you prefer (we recommend A6) and on the material andcolours of your choice. If choosen paper we recommend to…
How we handle tip
OIDO adds tip during the checkout of your clients. They get the option to changeit from 10% to 0, 5, 15 or 20%. Tipping has declined considerably with the increased use of credit cards aspayment method. OIDO can help to facilitate its revival. Client receiptsAfter payment the client will be off…
Client receipts
After the payment succeeded the client will be shown their receipt and offeredto download a pdf-receipt to its mobile or send to its email.
Delete account
To completely delete the account, choose PROFILE and use the drop down menu atthe right upper corner. To make sure it is not a mistake we have build in a double check to reconfirmthat you PERMENANTLY, IMMEDIATLY AND IRRETRIEVABLE would like to delete all yourdata: Push “ACEPTAR” in the pop up sc…
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