Will our clients receive a less personal service?

FAQ on OIDO Aug 22, 2020

The use of OIDO does not exclude the possibility to give a personalised service. Even better.

Letting technology handle menial, repetitive tasks like taking orders and running payment, your staff can focus on more important work, like building meaningful relationships with guests.

The waiters can be real hosts attending to special requests and give the extra “salsa”.

We do not try to replace great service. We work with you to reinvent it.

Service will be faster and more smooth and improves customer satisfaction.

See as well the following article:

Combining friendly personal service with OIDO
By combining friendly personal service with the OIDO order & pay system, hospitality businesses can ensure that customers still feel valued and appreciated, while also providing them with the convenience of ordering and paying for their meals without having to speak to a waiter or wait in line.


Manon Straver

“You had me at “hello”. “ Manon choose to step on board with the project as soon as presented to her. Dutch, living in Spain and a lifetime intertwined with the hospitality sector.