Combining friendly personal service with OIDO.

How OIDO works Jan 22, 2023

However technology is great for providing customers with a more efficient experience, it can be difficult for hospitality businesses to maintain the friendly, personal service that customers have come to expect. To ensure that customers still feel valued and appreciated, it is important to combine the convenience of OIDO order & pay with friendly and personalized service.

This can be achieved by having staff members greet customers when they enter the restaurant or hotel, and by providing personalized recommendations and advice. Additionally, staff members should take the time to answer any customer questions and ensure that their orders are accurate. By providing customers with this type of personalized service, hospitality businesses can ensure that customers feel appreciated and valued, even though they are using a technology-based system to order and pay for their meals.

Another important aspect of combining friendly service with OIDO order & pay is making sure that customers are aware of the system and how it works. This can be done through the use of signage, promotional materials, and staff members who can explain the system to customers.


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