Help Docs Dec 08, 2020
What do I need to activate OIDO Horeca Order & Pay in my establishment?
* An OIDO account, see register for an account [https://www.oido.me/registration?redirect=/dashboard] * A STRIPE account Stripe Registration [https://dashboard.stripe.com/register] * Stable internet connection. If there is any worry about the internet connection consider a sim card for fal…
Do I need special devices to run OIDO in my establishment?
All hardware you need to implement OIDO:2 iPads (iPadOS 14 or higher) with wall mount and power supply. All hardware you need to implement OIDO in your establishmentAll software youneed to implement OIDOThe iPads come with all necessary software. Even though we recommend to useinstead of Safa…
Is the data we trust to the OIDO platform save?
The system is installed in a fail-safe Google Cloud Firebase. Maximum datasecurity even in the event of a total power or internet failure.
What happens in case of an electricity cut?
Make sure the battery of your devices are always fully loaded. This assures youdo not loose the current orders information in full service! The information is not locally saved but in the cloud so in any case theinformation comes back fully when the electricity is back.
How do we give a refund to a client?
A refund is easy to accomplish in the STRIPE account. Search for the payment and use the right three dots to select “Refund payment”.The payment can be refunded partly or in total.
Will our clients receive a less personal service?
The use of OIDO does not exclude the possibility to give a personalised service.Even better. Presenting the menu-card, taking orders and handle payments will be accessiblefor the restaurant guests without having to wait to be attended. The waiters can be real hosts attending to special requests …
Does every waiter needs an iPad?
No. OIDO uses the mobile phones of your clients for order and payment.All you need to run OIDO is a device in the kitchen and one at the bar.
Can the clients split the bill?
The clients can make an order separate from each other on the same table, byscanning the same code. This way each pay separately but still can enjoytogether the dinner/drink at the same table.


Manon Straver

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