Help Docs Dec 15, 2020

Orders can be monitored in the bar and kitchen (or more stations) simultaneously with the KITCHEN ORDERS screen on the left navigation.  It runs on any device with a browser by logging into the account.

The amount of new orders are announced with a red circle on the side. In the middle navigation the orders are separated in 3 phases: New, In process and Ready, the white circle advices the total amount in each phase. Each square in a category represent an order, click the one you want to view or scroll down.  

The kitchen can have other orders in view then the bar or other stations.

Once the bar or kitchen clicks "MARK AS WIP" (Work in progress) the order passes to the "In process" phase. Here the drinks/dishes can be touched out if fulfilled, each station will be informed of the progress in the order.

As soon as the order has been completely fulfilled it will pass to phase "READY".

Marking it as DONE it disappears from the board.

Orders can be viewed in short list and long version (with all the identification details), where it can be changed.

Switching between the views can be done with the   ⌵ sign on the bottom of each order.

On the top there is an option to apply filters to the orders that you want to see. Next to it gives the option to retrieve an order by scanning the code that the client has on its ticket.

The complete listing of orders you access by clicking on the left navigation ORDER LIST.

The top headers permit a sort of the information and the EXPORT CSV in right upper corner allows the download of all data to a CSV file.

Payments to your Stripe account
OIDO uses STRIPE payment software to receive guest payments via the web app.After you set up the account and linked it to your OIDO account, you can makesome tests to see the payments come into the account using the test mode: Make sure the account is set in TEST MODE, see top right of the screen…


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