That is ALL what it costs to take your SERVICE and REVENUE to a whole new level!
We offer special introduction discounts during 2023: 2 months free + free onboarding call + free available languages + free support + unlimited records for your menu!



    Choose START TRIAL  for the SMALL subscription.
    Leave your contact information and credit card details  and register (use an administrative email account!) to get full access to all our features
  • IN 58 DAYS
    Get a reminder about when your free trial ends
  • IN 60 DAYS
    Get billed and receive invoice  unless you deleted your account anytime before.


START SMALL and grow to LARGE. We guide you through the steps to get you going on the platform and give all the tips to take full advantage here.

As soon as the order limit is close to be reached we alert you to upgrade to a higher plan. If the order limit is reached and no action is taken the standard "closed" message appears on opening the app (your digital menu will be still available).

If more than 2000 orders per month over the platform are reached, Sales will prepare you a tailor-made offer for your business.

Prices will be revised every year and you will be advised of price changes and new functionalities. Towards 2024 we will start to differentiate support degrees, add funcionalities and languages. Existing customers will never pay more than initially contracted for the same funcionality except for IPC corrections.

Read also the price terms in our terms&conditions.

Not completely sure OIDO - HORECA ORDER & PAY will make a difference for your business? We love to take a cup of coffee with you (virtually) and discuss your situation! Contact us on: OIDO@OIDO.ME