What do I need to do to activate OIDO for my business?

FAQ on OIDO Aug 22, 2020
  • An OIDO account, see register for an account
  • A STRIPE account Stripe Registration
  • Stable internet connection. If there is any worry about the internet connection  consider a sim card for fall back.
  • Device(s): OIDO runs on all, even simple internet-enabled computers, smartphones or tablets such as iPads, Android tablets, Mac , Windows or Linux.
  • A design and print of tabletalkers see https://docs.oido.me/tabletalkers/
  • An explanation to the staff of how to use OIDO between stations.


Manon Straver

“You had me at “hello”. “ Manon choose to step on board with the project as soon as presented to her. Dutch, living in Spain and a lifetime intertwined with the hospitality sector.