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Help Docs Dec 18, 2020

Categories, tags and courses
Your menu has to be introduced (if applicable in different languages) sorted in certain courses, tags and categories. These first have to be defined here:

Choose in the left navigation for Restaurant menu and then Categories, Tags and Courses.

Choose first your "courses/deliveries" in which you will be serving your clients their dishes. There is a default division made of starters, mains, desserts and drinks. But you can delete one or more of these using the X next to the names, move them up or down with the double = and add using the ⏍ sign.  Keep in mind that these courses will as well show up in the user interface where the clients are invited to change the order of delivery if desired (for example someone likes to have a starter as a main course or the bottle of wine with the mains....etc.). The client will as well be offered to add a note per course.

You can make your own tags that will give the clients the option to filter the dishes according to certain selections you defined. Using the ⏍ sign will also give you the option to translate the courses in the languages of your choice. Don't forget to SAVE your work.

Now you can define the categories in which you want your clients to read the menu.  You see as well a default setting but you are free to delete, change, move and add categories to your liking in the same way as the courses and tags.

Now you are ready to start introducing the dishes, here:

Choose in the left navigation for Restaurant menu and then Dishes.

Choose  button ADD DISH and fill in the required fields (in the different languages if applicable). A description is optional. You also have the option to apply a tag(s).

Don't forget to SAVE your work in the right upper corner. After each dish/drink you can check its position in the menu overview. If a dish comes up in a light grey color instead of black it means you did not insert all languages of the dish you have chosen.

Above an example of how the menu can be after its introduction.

If you have a certain dish not available you are able to hide it from the menu that is shown to your guests. Select the dish with the pencil sigh next to it and select the "hidden".

Make notes which dishes you have hidden on which date to not forget to reactivate in the moment it is available again.

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